8/22 PA’s Lounge



Introducing the world’s first Amphibi-Tiger. Sponsored by Science!!! We’re gonna celebrate Jean Sullivan’s latest experimental frenzy at PA’s Lounge in a few weeks! People always ask me, hey what’s the set order. In this case, I’m listed first, because I’m playing last. Get it? We’re headlining this joint!


Bitch Trifecta Band will be a little different this time around! We got Tracy Putnam from The Knockups on bass and Addison Maupin from Kerry Kelly and the Outliers hittin the drums!

Thanks to Left Hand Does for bringing us on board!

7/23 Rob Potylo Entertainment System, 5-8pm

This evening I’ll get the chance to chat with Rob Potylo on WEMF Radio! WEMF is an internet radio station based out of Boston. Mr. Rob Potylo is known for his eclectic artistic projects, probably most famously Quiet Desperation, a show that highlights and satires the boston art scene. His radio show goes from 5-8pm, and I’m slotted to be on around 7pm. Many thanks to DAve Crespo for booking shows, getting artists on radio, sharing all his biznizz know how, and for properly rocking our brains out. Listen here: http://wemfradio.com/Live/

rob potylo entertainment

7/24 McGann’s

Leilani from Hammer and Snake fueling the fire.

Leilani from Hammer and Snake fueling the fire.

We’ll be opening for Hammer and Snake this Thursday at McGann’s as a part of their July Residency. The theme this week is Rock ‘n’ Roots, so we’ve tailored a set of Americana and Rock: a little dolly, a little alt-country, and our hardest originals. Vive Americana! Also playing are folk blue-sers The Mirror Neurons.

Come and instagram us! So we know it’s for real.

Thursday, 7/24 at McGann’s
197 Portland St in Boston
(1 or 2 blocks from North Station)

Bitch Trifecta
The Mirror Neurons
Hammer and Snake w/ Jim Chilson of Ten Foot Polecats
$8 at the door, 21+

The Hammer and Snake July residency is brought to you by Dave Crespo.

5/11 Ladies Coverband Night at the Burren!

Ladies Coverband Night is a tribute to great singers and songwriters. It gives us a chance to gush and pour ourselves into our latest obsession! Every year we gather amazing local bands, and we challenge them to cover someone more famous than themselves.

CcountrySparrows7This year, we’re so excited to announce that Ladies Coverband Night will be “Gentlemen’s Choice” this year! The night will begin with Singers-in-the-Round: Mark Lipman as Patty Griffin, Steve Subrizi as Jenny Lewis, and Nick Zaino as Aimee Mann. That’s right, men! Bitch Trifecta will follow with a Cowboy Junkies set (lots of Trinity Sessions…), and Tom Bianchi closes out the night!

We’re doubly excited that we’ll be playing in conjunction with Tom Bianchi’s Singer-Songwriter Night at the Burren! Every Sunday Night, Tom rallies the Somerville community to the back room and showcases singer-songwriters, a lot of them are from out of town. He helps draw in a regular crowd by closing out the night himself and making sure everyone is feeling good before they go home!

Historically, the Burren has also been a venue that has been extremely supportive of local music and folk music. Everyone knows how Hugh McGowan has hosted the open mic at the Burren for 16 years now! That is a ruckus if I’ve ever seen one! So we’re very excited about this show for many reasons!

Ladies Coverband Night is taking on different forms  and venues, and we’re so proud to bring you this night.

may11 burren