1/22/16 Benefit for Walnut Street Cafe

jane and dann r

Me and Dann Russo will be among those playing in the round this Friday.

Copied from facebook:

As many of you may know, the Walnut had a tiny accident a few weeks ago when an SUV plowed through its side wall and stopped just short of the coffee counter. They had the shop up and running about 36 hors later, and are now waiting for insurance to help them pay for the permanent replacement. There are things it won’t help with, however, like the PA, which has been wonky since it got tossed across the place in the crash.

To that end, we are doing what Mickey and Judy taught us about solving problems, and we’re putting on a show! I’ll (who am Nick Zaino) will be hosting a night of singer/songwriters practiing their craft to help out.

And this is our unbelievable lineup of talented musicians!
Mary Lou Lord
Dann Russo
Jon Waterman
Joe Kowan
Jeff Savlon
Jane Hyoun-Ju Park
Dave Simmons
Matt Minigell

I’ll be hosting and playing in one of the rounds.

10/8 The Burren Lunchtime Concert Series

jane park bangs

Dear Friends and Fantastics!

Play a little hooky, take a little chance on a goodtime lunchtime series! The Burren is expanding its musical offerings to a day time music series! This is in addition to their regular evening music and shows in the front room and back room. Every Monday-Friday from 1pm-2pm, you’ll see people like me–lonely–with a guitar–so sad–sitting up there all by myself. So many variables…will I have showered? if it rains, it matter? what matters? why’d didn’t she tune before the show? wait, I’ve heard this song before–she didn’t write that! If my lunch wasn’t so goddamn delicious, why I oughtta…oh wait…this isn’t so bad? yeah…sometimes I feel that way, too. did she really do that? she doesn’t look like she would do that!? huh, that wasn’t half bad.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


4/7 Tavern at the End of the World!

jane and dann rThat’s me and Dann Russo…and WHERE are we? You’re at the Tavern at the End of the World! But guess what? no. Wait, whu? just stop it. But, you’re supposed to say…. <shakes head and walks away.>

…And no one ever saw Kitty Tanner again. [from The Tale of the Lost Tanner Sister, based on the Full House fan fiction of Jane Park.]

Check out Tavern at the End of the World on April 7th! It’s like a little haven near Sullivan Square–walk in the door, and it’s warm, well-furnished, the food is GREAT! The beers are CRAFT! The music is FREE! I will play some TUNES, then Dann will PLAY some tunes, and we’ll hang out and create LONG-lasting memories, call shenanigans, take selfies, chew GUM! (The last one was an imperative, not a suggestion.)

Dann is a long-standing, local singer-songwriter around Boston/Cambridge/Somerville! He hosts singer-songwriter nights all over the place (you need a host, you call Dann). He’s also a member of internet radio WEMF on Sunday mornings at 10am “Under the Covers.”

Jane is a short-standing bitch.

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2/18 Rosebud


Bitch Trifecta according to Leilani:
Bittersweet acoustic folk rock. Notes of vintage linen and whiskey-soaked leather.

Hammer and Snake:
Theatrical party rock. Tangy with metallic aftertaste.

Let us be the soundtrack to your craft cocktails and pie in the comfort of The Rosebud‘s newly renovated bar and dining hall. No cover – come hungry! (They got pie!)

{I’ll be there opening, along with Robin Melendez, Jonathan Keane, Tracy Putnam, and Luke Sullivan. Show starts at 10pm, we hang out at 9pm, leave your weak, manufactured, non-sustainable quarters at 8pm. We do it together, because those who sing together, die together.} (teehee?)

The Rosebud is located in Davis Sq, Somerville. To read more about their pie, please read the longest thread HERE.

12/10 PA’s Lounge


Many thanks to DAve Crespo for posting my live radio appearance from the Rob Potylo Entertainment System. I started singing “Family Prayer,” a song that I’ve sung 100’s of times, before realizing I’d forgotten my capo…lemme know what you think of that.

I hope to see you all tomorrow at PA’s in Union Sq!

WEMF presents:

8:20 JBlake
9 Catalion
9:40 Laura Glyda
10:30 Bitch Trifecta (solo)
11:15 Sean Dennehy

21+, $7

12/5 Ladies Coverband Night Part 7

singers in the round We’ll be singing in the round at Walnut Street Cafe this year. Thanks to Alicia for booking us! I’m playing under my real name…ooooh! And Jaclyn Mestel of Viva Gina and Happy Little Clouds is playing with us for the first time! oooooh YEAH!

[press release] on lynnhappens.com

On Friday, December 5 at 8:30pm, Ladies Coverband Night will present its 7th show at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn. Participating musicians include Jaclyn Mestel as Sia, Jane Park as Natalie Merchant, Steve Subrizi as Janelle Monae, and Nick Zaino as Ani DiFranco. The idea of this series is show how nationally renowned women in music influence local Boston singer/songwriters. Presenting the 7th show as a Singers-in-the-Round allows the musicians to interact with each other and to connect closely with the audience.

Jane Park of Bitch Trifecta, started this series as a fun way to highlight women in the Boston music scene. The challenge of learning an entire set of music by one artist serves as a bonding experience between bands, and it’s a great way to pay homage to great, inspirational musicians. In the past the show has played at the now defunct Precinct, The Davis Square Theatre, and The Burren and has included artists Leilani Roser (Hammer & Snake), Magen Tracy, Ginger Ibex, and Christie Prince.
Singers-in-the-round means that every artist is on stage at the same time, and each one takes turns playing a song. Anyone can respectfully chime in at any moment, leading to impromptu (or rehearsed) harmonies or guitar fill-ins! The casual and intimate experience will hopefully lead to some great thoughts, and hopefully all listeners will hear something in a new way!

Walnut Street Cafe has a precedent of supporting local art and music, which makes it the perfect place to start conversations amongst music lovers. They host music and spoken word four nights a week, while serving a variety of coffee, sandwiches, beer, and wine.