News: Bitch Trifecta Wants You

August 2010 Email Update.

Dear Friends,

I just got back from an open mic tour (whu?), got an album on the way, lots of internets, and two shows for your viewing pleasure! How did this happen? Your love, your support, my insatiable ego…SO! I haven’t had a show in three months! You know my smile is just a cry for help. I wanna see you. I wanna see you real bad. I wanna see your mom. I wanna sing to her sweetly. Come to my show, and I give you a brand new demo…AND! If you help get me 25 people to the show, I will sing the song I daren’t sing in public “Channel Mine.”

Somerville, MA
August 19
8 pm, $8

I’m playing on the Shoney Lamar residency at Precinct! Eric and Rob from Raleigh Tavern will be backing me up for this one–you’ll love it.

Brooklyn, NY
August 28
Goodbye Blue Monday
I love Boston, but I want New York. I want a piece of you, so come get a piece of me. I’ve joined the WickFest roster! This line-up is madness, so please come join us. The whole shebang starts at 3 pm, goes til 3 am, and I should be playing around 5 pm.

Open Mic Tour? What the hell is that, you ask? Read my blog: I Love Bitchtrifecta! I’d love to talk about it, so if you have any questions, please get at me (reply to this email, call me…talk…to me?). AND I have internets!!! Internets!!! Bitch Trifecta loves you!


Bitch Trifecta

You want more? You got it:
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Sick of it all? Reply to this email address with Subject Heading: STAY AWAY FROM MY MOM.


2 thoughts on “News: Bitch Trifecta Wants You

  1. Psst, is the Precinct show you’re playing at August 12 or August 19? The FB invite said the 12th, but now it also says the 19th and 26th? Confused!

    • Ah, I know it sounds confusing. Shoney Lamar has a Thursday Residency at Precinct for the month of August. So HE is playing August 12, 19, 26. BUT I’m only playing August 19. I thought making my own fb invite would make things more confusing, so I didn’t make one…

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