I guess I was kind of homesick when I went away for the past month, and I really missed the local Cambridge scene…specifically bars…so if you like bars…we should hang out..cuz that’s where I’m at:

Today, Monday, August 9. Cantab Open Mic

Sunday, August 8. Bukowski

Saturday, August 7. PA’s Lounge and Precinct for Deep Heaven Now: Psychelelic Rock Festival. I saw Chatham Rise, Night Fruit, Doomstar, and 28 Degrees Taurus! Super sweet festival!. Also went to the Lower Depths that night.

Friday, August 6. All Asia for OTP

Thursday, August 5. Cantab to see Christopher Fullerton; then Toad to see Baker Thomas Band

So…uh…yeah…Much love to Narangansett and pbr.


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