Update: November Jane

Dear Friends,

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for this sad bitch! I just played some great shows with Ginger Ibex, Raleigh Tavern, and The New England Philharmonic. Just wrapped up a great recording session with Shoney Lamar and Luke Sullivan (Left Hand Does)! A lot of great talent on my album…I know it’s been slow to finish, but I don’t want you guys to hear it until it has that perfect cry yourself to sleep sound.

Anyway…I would love to see you all at my next show. It’s early, so bring the baby:

First up will be Christie Prince (from Seven Shades of Grey), followed by me. We decided to each play extra looooooong sets…so if you love us, you’re gonna love this. And I love Christie Prince, so yeah, it’s gonna be lots of love. If that doesn’t cheer you up, then you are one. sad. fish.


Bitch Trifecta

P.S. Here are some more show dates:

Saturday, December 4 – Bitch Trifecta Solo Set
The Boston Neo-politan Chamber Orchestra (BNCO) Fundraiser: www.bnco.org

Thursday, December 16 – Bitch Trifecta and the Wayward Librarians
PA’s Lounge
Union Sq, Somerville
Playing with Steve Walther Orchestra, Seven Shades of Grey, Webb and the Wisenheimers


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