3.15.2011 Ladies Cover Band Night!

Magen Tracy, Leilani Rosen, and Jane Park

Tuesday Night! And the Feeling’s Right! Everyone come, gonna have some fun, LCBN!!!

Check it! Me and some other cool ladies in the Boston Music scene have decided, it’s time to live out our fantasy, our notions of grandeur, our teenage “wet dream,” so to speak. So, don’t get it twisted:

Tuesday, March 15

Precinct, Union Square

Jane Park from Bitch Trifecta (that’s me!) as SARAH MCLACHLAN

Magen Tracy from St. Helena as TORI AMOS

Leilani from The Battleships Cometh as PJ HARVEY

Oh! And it looks like someone got a hold of one of Jane’s Sarah McLachlan covers and leaked it all over the Internet!!! Whu??? Who would DO such a thing? It’s sooo illegal, and I feel so violated…um…yeah, I leaked it…yeah…I know…I have no integrity: Possession (expires March 6)


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