CD Release 3/28

bird looks good in a crown.

You might know this already, but recently I’ve been late to work, forgetting to shower, and not returning my phone calls.
This month has been a scramble, struggling to learn some Sarah McLachlan, getting my shit together for my CD release, and then realizing that I’ve only been practicing Sarah McLachlan songs for the past two months and that I haven’t been practicing my own songs…so…the good news: the album is unbelievable–you’re not gonna think it’s me.
I recorded with amazing engineers, Steven Friedman and Luke Sullivan; got the best of local rock to play with me, Bryan Murphy from the Shills, Luke Sullivan and Ryan Gildea from Left Hand Does, and Shoney Lamar from Shoney Lamar and the Equal Rights; and the dangerously talented artist Jina Zhou, who happens to be one of my best friends, delved into my brain and hers to design an original and personal piece of artwork for the CD jacket and disc…but the whole shebang won’t be ready in time for Monday.

So on March 28, I’ll have some lovely download cards for sale. Come to my show, buy a download card, and I’ll make sure to get you the physical CD the next time we meet. So buy a download card–at the download card price. Go to CD Baby, and get that shit. Then, let’s meet up a couple weeks later when I get the physical CDs, and I’ll hand you one. Whether you want one or not.
That’s the bad butter on the Official Bitch Trifecta CD Release, so spread it.


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