April Shows!

Dear Friends,

Let’s see here…I got a show tomorrow night at the Middle East Corner. Yeah, so whether you’re passin through or need a good hummus platter to get you to bed, come by and flip it with me. I got some Guests comin by…so would you please be one of them?

Monday, April 11, 10 pm, Middle East Corner, Free

The week after, I’m playing violin with the mystery that is Water for Ivan. We’ll be playing full band style, a different kind of Christian going on that night. (Get it? The lead singer’s name is Christian!)

Tuesday, April 19, 8 pm, Precinct, $10?

Then at the end of the month, I’ll be playing the violin for the New England Philharmonic in their final concert of the season. Radiohead got nothing on Donald Erb—that’s real life.

Saturday, April 30, 8 pm, The New England Philharmonic at the Tsai Performance Center at BU, $25

It doesn’t end there! A bunch of solo shows to come until finally….finally…..finally…….my CD will for real come out June 29th. For real. No download cards, no shenanigans, no childsplay. The Wrong Thing for sale for only $67.00—-ha!…okay….$10. I’m gonna sell it for $10. If you’re like, hey, jane I really like you but yeah, I don’t have $10, I mean after the cover and the beers, and the ladies I buy beers for…I totally get it. BAM! Download Card!

So, there you go. I’m everywhere. Check your basement.

bitch trifecta
no crazy internets…for now


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