Bitch, May I? (May Update)

So, I’ll be goin it alone for a few shows. Everyone’s talking about the big fit I threw during our last band practice–Rob ended up throwing his bottled water, then Eric stormed off to play with his baby daughter. Things are REALLY HEATED these days!!! Okay…none of that is true.

But here’s the real life of it: I wanna see you. Maybe I’ll see you around. But if that hasn’t been happening lately, I’ll be at Precinct on Tuesday. But don’t take my word for it:

Okay, maybe you’d rather see a show during the day–like maybe evening time is your “me time.” So if you’re in town for Memorial Day, come to the historic Club Passim in Harvard Square to see me play a day show. You know how to do it.

I miss you. Do you miss me?


this bitch.


One thought on “Bitch, May I? (May Update)

  1. It’s a little unclear, the when and where of the club passim show: monday, may 30 (memorial day), 1:15 pm. Playing in the round with Karaugh Brown, Bridget Matros, Meg Smallidge, and Tara Greenblatt. $10 for DayPass/$30 for WeekendPass.

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