Jun-Ly: Bitch Trifecta gotcha’ monthly update right hea’

Dear Friends,

Yeah…my last email just didn’t cut it. I didn’t give you what you want. I didn’t explain what I want. I just want to sit beside you, hold your hand, cause I LIKE YOU SO MUCH??? IS THAT WRONG??? IS IT WRONG TO COMBINE TWO MONTHLY UPDATES INTO ONE??? I DON’T KNOW MUCH??? BUT I KNOW I LOVE YOU???

designed by Jina Zhou

Ahem. So, maybe you got a download card a few months ago, and I told you that you could DL my album at your convenience. I wasn’t able to get my CD Baby account up and running back then, but this is NOW, and I got my CD Baby right hea: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bitchtrifecta2

And PLEASE “like” ME on Facebook! Don’t you already like me in real life? Or Second Life? Or iLife? Don’t gotta’ life (bitch, please)? Exclusive blog updates, downloads, and weird animal facts: www.facebook.com/btrifecta (some bitch took my band name!)

In my emails I try to come across as a very expressive, heavy breathing individual. Feel my breath on your skin, my words on your brow–that’s really uncomfortable, I know, but I do it for you. You’ll feel like I feel, you’ll feel like you’ve been felt, and then you’ll feel it over and over again. Then after I do it, Ginger Ibex will do it, and after them, Rick Berlin’s Nickel n Dime Band will do it. Catch my Club Passim? Catch my only feeling? Do you like it?

I like you. So much. (Now whisper it, “…i…like..you……so..much…”)


You want links? I’ll give you something to link about. See the SHOW SCHEDULE below.


I love my veggies! and I LOVE Bitch Trifecta!!!

Wednesday, June 29
Club Passim
8 pm (sharp), $12
Rick Berlin’s Nickel n Dime Band
Ginger Ibex
Bitch Trifecta (CD LEAK PARTY!!! I play first!)


Friday, July 15
Shoney Lamar and Equal Rights Presidency
[precinct + residency = teehee]
8 pm, $10
Big East
Shoney Lamar and the Equal Rights
Bitch Trifecta
Christopher Stelling
Jennifer Greer (playing first)


Saturday, August 27
WickFest at Goodbye Blue Monday
Free! in Brooklyn, NY
It’s a festival! I’m playing solo on the outside stage around 5 or so.
(To give you an idea of what an awesome day it is, here is last year’s site: http://www.facebook.com/Wickfest)

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