Looking Back: Country Sparrows, part 3

To finish out the Country Sparrows Show at Precinct, Bitch Trifecta covered Dolly Parton! It was a great honor to learn her music, and to wear red lipstick and a wig. I was quite moved by Dolly’s lyrics, which are so full of personal experience and her Tennessee mountain upbringing. I was so lucky to work with my usual band Eric Landers and Rob Johanson. This show was the first time Robin Melendez sang with us, and it’s been a year now since! Other musicians who played with us: Betty Widerski from Ginger Ibex, Holland Dieringer from Fly Upright Kite, and Kyle Fredrickson from The Everyday Visuals (he’s moved to LA now… :(….)

Most of the photos are thanks to my mother Hei Park. I think there are also some photos by Anne Cook.

Bitch Trifecta singin’ down and dirty.

Betty Widerski played fiddle on a few songs for me!

Holland Dieringer on violin, Kyle Fredrickson on Banjo.

If you’re lucky enough to have Aleksey come to your show, he’ll hand you an awesome drawing. This is Robin, Shoney, and Me.

Eric Landers on Mandolin? Rob Johanson on Bass.

The Dolly Parton Band!


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