11/12 On the Town with Mikey Dee

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All these years I’ve been asking you to come see me in some random bar in the middle of nowhere, stay up late on a random weeknight, and drink too much at my shows–leaving you hungover and sleep deprived for work the next morning. All this changes this week, and all our dreams come true!

Tomorrow night, Bitch Trifecta will be the featured act for live radio show On the Town with Mikey Dee on Tufts Radio Station WMFO 91.5 FM. The show will air live (SO RAW!) from 9pm – 12midnight. WAIT!!! (you say) You said all our dreams would come true! YES!!! (says I) It’s true. If you miss the live show, the show will be archived and available for that entire week until November 19th on http://www.wmfo.org! IT’S LIKE COMING TO MY SHOW ANY TIME YOU WANNA WITHIN A WEEK’S TIME!!!

Set List will include:
Central Square
Good Doctor
Miss Cat
Last Call
Freak Show
Family Prayer
Every Good Girl

Real info below:

On the Town with Mikey Dee
(hosted by Joel Simches)
WMFO, 91.5
airs live: Wednesday, 11/12, 9pm-12midnight
available online: until 11/19: www.wmfo.org (click on schedule, then look for On the Town/hosted by Joel Simches)

My set is scheduled to be on around 10:30pm, followed by an interview! On the Town with Mikey Dee was created as a show for local musicians. Sadly, Mikey Dee died in 2003, and in his honor there is a roster of rotating DJ’s who wish to continue what he started. Joel Simches will be the host this week. If you like the show, the idea of the show, or local music, please like On The Town with Mikey Dee on Facebook and listen to the amazing compilation CD on bandcamp. This is a beautifully assembled album of music that demonstrates the best of Boston music!

Ladies Coverband Night 
presents Singers-in-the-Round
Friday, December 5, 8:30pm
Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn

Nick Zaino as Ani Difranco
Jaclyn Mestel as Sia
Steve Subrizi as Janelle Monae
Jane Park as Natalie Merchant

This will be a bunch of songwriters geeking out, acoustic-style, talking about music, playing our favorite artists, chillin out, bein real.

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