1/22/16 Benefit for Walnut Street Cafe

jane and dann r

Me and Dann Russo will be among those playing in the round this Friday.

Copied from facebook:

As many of you may know, the Walnut had a tiny accident a few weeks ago when an SUV plowed through its side wall and stopped just short of the coffee counter. They had the shop up and running about 36 hors later, and are now waiting for insurance to help them pay for the permanent replacement. There are things it won’t help with, however, like the PA, which has been wonky since it got tossed across the place in the crash.

To that end, we are doing what Mickey and Judy taught us about solving problems, and we’re putting on a show! I’ll (who am Nick Zaino) will be hosting a night of singer/songwriters practiing their craft to help out.

And this is our unbelievable lineup of talented musicians!
Mary Lou Lord
Dann Russo
Jon Waterman
Joe Kowan
Jeff Savlon
Jane Hyoun-Ju Park
Dave Simmons
Matt Minigell

I’ll be hosting and playing in one of the rounds.


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