Original Song “Battleship”

I’ve decided due to some time constraints to video record a song I wrote several years ago. While this is kind of an old song, it’s been under revision for a while. I keep adding and taking away bits and pieces. I don’t seem on track to writing a new song/recording every day, but I’ll keep trying. Every day is a new day!

I confess
It’s been a long time since I’ve done this
Is there a right way to it all?
What’s the protocol?
Should I stay until the morning?
Is it better if I leave?
Should I try to make conversation?
Should I try to earn my keep?

Is this the right thing to do
spending nights in stranger’s arms trying to forget you
And really who am I to blame?
I’m sinking with this ship because it’s how you play the game.

I forget
All the bad things that have happened
Caustic words I can’t recall
breaches in the wall
Am I crying for no reason?
Can’t make sense of it all
A promise led to treason
Now follow protocol

Is this the right thing to do?…

I predict
We’ll laugh at this
Seedy bars and boxed wine
Broken locks and petty crime
I insist
You take your hit
Slowly going down
on a sinking battleship

We are slowly going down
All fired up to win
But now we’re sinking on the grid


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