Song Diary “Get Out”

I didn’t write in any particular way for this song. It wasn’t a 45 min challenge, just a desperate act in songwriting.

Working title “Get Out”
Inspiration desperation to finish a song after working on something else and getting frustrated with it.

Always leavin in a hurry
causin trouble at the party
There you go again
Your mouth keeps runnin
You better get out
You better get out

You take too much
You say too much
And all those silly things you done
If I could make an observation

Your best behavior
It won’t save you
I got nothing to say to you (I messed this up and was too tired to fix it-jp)
But kick those heels off bitch
Cuz we’re runnin’ runnin’

People yeah they egg you on
Sweet drinks they make you strong
That itchy skin don’t own you
break free break free
this is your house – naw

this ain’t your house
this ain’t your house
you better get out
you better get out


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