demo “Ghost Town”

I’ve been working on this song for probably 6 months on and off? I finally sat down and finished it. I’m pretty happy with it. Maybe this is one of the songs I’ll record for my EP.

It’s all so magical in your head
Take the car for a ride
Leave it all behind

This town will hold you here
And you’ll spend all your years
by your own failure

Carried by the dreams
You had for me
I finally took a stand
I tried not to give a damn

I couldn’t catch a break
Everone here knows my name
Do what you always do
Drink until you’re beautiful

i was a mess
The moment we met
You brought me to life
Just hangin around

You weren’t impressed
You were just passin through
Another dead ghost town

No need to tell me what I said
It’s always bothered you
My changing point of view

Who knows how things will be?
Why don’t you come with me?
I couldn’t answer you
So close to losing you


I was a mess
I never left
Still hangin around
Where I met you


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