“Jump Girl Jump” original song

I was actually able to write a song today, yay! I tried to use imagery from Peter Pan in this song. I’ll keep working on it.

Working Title: “Jump Girl Jump”
Inspiration: peter pan

Where did you learn to fly?
Are you the last of your kind?
I heard a tapping at my window
And there you were a ray of light

Covered in leaves and mud
You told me, I need someone
like you to help me
figure some things out

Jump girl jump
You gotta jump to follow me
Oh honey you’ll be fine
I do this all the time

You showed me your wounds
Then I took care of you
I bit my tongue too much to count
But I’ll figure it out

But you couldn’t understand
Why I always fell down
And the sound of the ticking clock
Got too close


Those years by your side
I never learned to fly
But for what its worth
You’re the only one of  your kind

I know I promised you
I’d always tell the truth
But the words aren’t coming strong
You best move on




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