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Yesterday, I had to put my cat Taylor to sleep. It’s been a sad week. So no song diary. But next week, I will resume posting content Monday – Thursday. I know probably no one checks my website for posts, but here it is–just in case.


12/10 PA’s Lounge


Many thanks to DAve Crespo for posting my live radio appearance from the Rob Potylo Entertainment System. I started singing “Family Prayer,” a song that I’ve sung 100’s of times, before realizing I’d forgotten my capo…lemme know what you think of that.

I hope to see you all tomorrow at PA’s in Union Sq!

WEMF presents:

8:20 JBlake
9 Catalion
9:40 Laura Glyda
10:30 Bitch Trifecta (solo)
11:15 Sean Dennehy

21+, $7

7/23 Rob Potylo Entertainment System, 5-8pm

This evening I’ll get the chance to chat with Rob Potylo on WEMF Radio! WEMF is an internet radio station based out of Boston. Mr. Rob Potylo is known for his eclectic artistic projects, probably most famously Quiet Desperation, a show that highlights and satires the boston art scene. His radio show goes from 5-8pm, and I’m slotted to be on around 7pm. Many thanks to DAve Crespo for booking shows, getting artists on radio, sharing all his biznizz know how, and for properly rocking our brains out. Listen here:

rob potylo entertainment

Bitch Trifecta plays Show Trifecta

Letter to friends 9.9.2013

Dear Friends,

Haters gonna hate**
Eaters gonna eat
Sleepers gonna sleep
Livers gonna clean that blood supply

Pay attention to me once, shame on me. Pay attention to me twice…why aren’t you taking my calls anymore?
3 shows + 3 days + 3 bitches = ONE DIRTY WKND.
It’s called calculus.*
Gulu-Gulu in Salem
Bitch Solo opens for Landform – Landform is a solitary animal with solid guitar skills and low voice. He speaks in Ryan Adams and sings like the wings of truth. Though he answers to the name “Eric”, he can hear the name “Landimal” at a barely audible whisper.
Gallery 119 in Lowell
Bitch Trifecta plays with the tenacious e – created when Franimal and Landimal join forces. This Kit, Bass n’ Caboodle has the uncanny ability to drink coffee at ANY time of the day and STILL need more. Together we play loud and carry a big stick (history!). Opening for Surprise Party and Subpar Co-star.
Precinct in Somerville (Union Sq)
No one said it could be done. Then no one said it couldn’t be done. And then there was Bitch HitGina Trifecta. This Bitch will combine alliances with Hit the Bus’s Robin Melendez and Viva Gina’s Leilani-the-Ripper to provide unobtained footage and never heard audio of the live birth of six unencountered species of road kill. But you’ll stay for Steve Subrizi and Lord Spectacular, won’t you? Mrowr.
*no it’s not.
**GET ME OUT OF HERE: To unsubscribe, stand in front of a mirror at midnight and say “bitch trifecta ain’t that bad” three times. Then reply to this email with subject line: “THIS IS NOT A SCAM! SAVE 40% ON ENLARGEMENT PILLS NOW.” Was that so hard?

Fall Shows Update


Robin belts it out while Leilani rocks guitar! Elks Lodge 8/31.

I have some amazing shows for you, and I’m so excited to show you what I got! Just to get all of you up to date: The Bitch Trifecta family is growing and coming atcha!

Robin Melendez (from Smokin’ Pigeons) has been singing back-up vocals with us for almost a year now! Also added to the roster as a rhythm guitarist (of all dang things) is the multi-instrumentalist and former lead singer of Battleships Cometh Leilani Roser! The last two shows I was very lucky to play with bassist Francisco Morales, and he’s definitely earned his honorary Trifecta Badge!

But enough about us…pshNOT! I invite you all to check out my show calendar (oder auf deutsch: mein Showskalendar):

Eric Landers on drums, Jane Park as Bitch

Tuesday, October 9
Sally O’Brien’s in Union Sq, Somerville
Show starts at 8, All Ages til 10
No Cover

Bitch Trifecta plays her favorite covers paired with her favorite originals—a halfsies show to put it offensively.

Friday, November 2
Cantab in Central Sq, Cambridge
Show starts at 9, $8

Full Band Bitch Trifecta Welcome Back Rob Show!!! New Songs, Old Covers, Broken Promises, Respect Your Mother!

Ladies Coverband Night Presents!

Precinct in Union Sq, Somerville
Thursdays, November 29 and December 6

Our local women in rock cover their favorite women in rock! Each night will feature three bands, and their labors of love and nostalgia! December 6 performers TBA.

November 29 Features:
Bitch Trifecta as the Cranberries
Adrien Emberley as St. Vincent
Sharon Crumrine as Amanda Palmer

Ladies Coverband Night

Ladies Coverband Night is coming up! Mark your calendars for two nights of amazing local rock musicians covering our favorite bands! Precinct has been gracious in trusting us with two Thursdays: November 29 and December 6. We promise you–you’ll want to come to both nights.

Each night will feature three different bands with an exciting line up of your favorite local women in rock covering their favorite women in rock! November 29 will feature the Bitch Trifecta, Adrian Emberley, and Sharon Crumrine of Ginger Ibex.

And it’s official! Bitch Trifecta will be the Cranberries…more details to come!