12/5 Ladies Coverband Night Part 7

singers in the round We’ll be singing in the round at Walnut Street Cafe this year. Thanks to Alicia for booking us! I’m playing under my real name…ooooh! And Jaclyn Mestel of Viva Gina and Happy Little Clouds is playing with us for the first time! oooooh YEAH!

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On Friday, December 5 at 8:30pm, Ladies Coverband Night will present its 7th show at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn. Participating musicians include Jaclyn Mestel as Sia, Jane Park as Natalie Merchant, Steve Subrizi as Janelle Monae, and Nick Zaino as Ani DiFranco. The idea of this series is show how nationally renowned women in music influence local Boston singer/songwriters. Presenting the 7th show as a Singers-in-the-Round allows the musicians to interact with each other and to connect closely with the audience.

Jane Park of Bitch Trifecta, started this series as a fun way to highlight women in the Boston music scene. The challenge of learning an entire set of music by one artist serves as a bonding experience between bands, and it’s a great way to pay homage to great, inspirational musicians. In the past the show has played at the now defunct Precinct, The Davis Square Theatre, and The Burren and has included artists Leilani Roser (Hammer & Snake), Magen Tracy, Ginger Ibex, and Christie Prince.
Singers-in-the-round means that every artist is on stage at the same time, and each one takes turns playing a song. Anyone can respectfully chime in at any moment, leading to impromptu (or rehearsed) harmonies or guitar fill-ins! The casual and intimate experience will hopefully lead to some great thoughts, and hopefully all listeners will hear something in a new way!

Walnut Street Cafe has a precedent of supporting local art and music, which makes it the perfect place to start conversations amongst music lovers. They host music and spoken word four nights a week, while serving a variety of coffee, sandwiches, beer, and wine.

5/11 Ladies Coverband Night at the Burren!

Ladies Coverband Night is a tribute to great singers and songwriters. It gives us a chance to gush and pour ourselves into our latest obsession! Every year we gather amazing local bands, and we challenge them to cover someone more famous than themselves.

CcountrySparrows7This year, we’re so excited to announce that Ladies Coverband Night will be “Gentlemen’s Choice” this year! The night will begin with Singers-in-the-Round: Mark Lipman as Patty Griffin, Steve Subrizi as Jenny Lewis, and Nick Zaino as Aimee Mann. That’s right, men! Bitch Trifecta will follow with a Cowboy Junkies set (lots of Trinity Sessions…), and Tom Bianchi closes out the night!

We’re doubly excited that we’ll be playing in conjunction with Tom Bianchi’s Singer-Songwriter Night at the Burren! Every Sunday Night, Tom rallies the Somerville community to the back room and showcases singer-songwriters, a lot of them are from out of town. He helps draw in a regular crowd by closing out the night himself and making sure everyone is feeling good before they go home!

Historically, the Burren has also been a venue that has been extremely supportive of local music and folk music. Everyone knows how Hugh McGowan has hosted the open mic at the Burren for 16 years now! That is a ruckus if I’ve ever seen one! So we’re very excited about this show for many reasons!

Ladies Coverband Night is taking on different forms  and venues, and we’re so proud to bring you this night.

may11 burren

Amazing Poster by Leesa Coyne

Thanks to the amazing Leesa Coyne for making a poster for Ladies Coverband Night! It’s poppin’ with color, has everything you need to know, AND that background? It’s chameleon skin–so beautiful!



5th Ladies Coverband Night: Chameleon/Comedienne

Ladies Coverband Night (LCBN) presents “Chameleon/Comedienne,” its fifth show to date, on November 21st, 2013, at the Davis Square Theatre. This year’s show features three local acts: riot, punk grrl band The Knock-Ups; acoustic-rock, singer-songwriter Bitch Trifecta; and folksy, Americana rocker Lauren Bateman. Advance tickets are available at brown paper tickets ($10, no extra charges).

The title of the show “Chameleon/Comedienne” is a play off of one of Kathleen Edwards’s more introspective songs from her album Voyaguer, and it’s a reflection of how we’ll be transforming ourselves to pay tribute to the musicians we love!

It’s been a tough go this year trying to find the right musicians, the right venue, and the right collaborators! After hearing so many “No’s” and “Naw’s”, we’re so grateful to the people who have said “Yes” and “Yesser”! (Okay…maybe only I said “yesser.” -jane)

Please join us this year in welcoming another great batch of converts into the Ladies Coverband Night church of thursday night saints:

Opening the night is Lauren Bateman as Melissa Etheridge.

Opening the night is Lauren Bateman as the soulful, acoustic Melissa Etheridge.

Bitch Trifecta (full band) follows as Canadian, alt-country, rocker, Kathleen Edwards.

Bitch Trifecta (full band) follows as Canadian, alt-country, rocker, Kathleen Edwards.

And headlining the night will be the Knock-Ups as dirty, grrrl riot group, L7.

And headlining the night will be the Knock-Ups as dirty, grrrl riot group, L7.

For the first time, our official host of the evening is the soft-spoken, tender, loving, singer-songwriter Mark Lipman. He contains within himself many voices and talents, and we’re so excited to see what he brings to the night!

Also for the first time, instead of working through a promoter or booking agency, Ladies Coverband Night is putting on this show independently! With the uncertainty of Precinct’s music schedule, we wanted to find another venue to partner with us. As usual, this turned out to be the most dramatic aspect of producing an independent show! Fortunately, the Davis Square Theatre provides a beautiful, multi-purpose, community venue for rent, giving us the freedom to create whatever kind of show we want–without undue pressure  or fear of losing the venue to another show (this has happened all too many times to all of us in the Boston music scene). So far, they’ve been great to work with, organized, and supportive of our project.

Tickets for the show are available at the door and on brown paper tickets for $10. Brown Paper Tickets is a great independent ticketing site that allows us to provide convenient tickets for purchase at no extra cost to the consumer! If you like what we’re doing, we encourage you to show your support by purchasing advance tickets through this innovative, independent vendor! The Davis Square Theatre is a small venue, and this will ensure you entry to the show.

Every Ladies Coverband Night is a chance to do something new and better, and we’re still learning and trying to put on a great show that’s fun for the musicians and the concert goers. We hope you enjoy all the slight changes this year: having an official host, the change in venue, and the option for online ticketing. Working with new collaborators this year has been invigorating and will bring a new energy to the show! Together, we hope to prove that women in rock have a great and inspiring presence in the local music scene in Boston!


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Looking Back: The First Ladies Coverband Night!

On March 15, 2011, Me, Leilani Roser, and Magen Tracy put together the very first Ladies Coverband Night at Precinct! It was a huge hit, everyone loved it, and we had a blast learning our favorite music and challenging ourselves! Thank you to Leilani Roser for the awesome concept, and Lessa Coyne for creating this amazing poster! Also, thank you to Women’s Rock Brunch for doing our photoshoot!