Road Trip Day Twenty-Four: Reedmeister’s

Thursday, July 29, 2010. Oh goodness, what a nice bar, and what nice people. Drop by sometime on a Thursday, check out Freeman Benefit, and be nice to James behind the bar! JD Westmorland fronts Freeman Benefit–they play a lot of roots, rock, funk, bluegrass…you name it, they’ve played it–and he invited me to play between sets. Well, I got in a good hour or so before my battery pooped out! I had a great time listening, drinking, playing! Thanks so much JD!!!

Here’s a short vid of Freeman Benefit. Check out the hula hoopers in the background! Continue reading


Road Trip End.

July 30, July 31, August 1, 2010. I took my sweet time getting home. Stopped through Knoxville, D.C., and NY before ending up back home. Back to business, blood, and body.

Road Trip Day Fifteen: Downtown Grill & Brewery

The hottest gang in TN.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Thanks to some friends of friends, I was told about an open mic at the Downtown Grill & Brewery. This is no shabby bar! It’s huge, they brew their own beer, and apparently whenever I’m in town, they have $1.50 drafts! AND…open mic performers get a free beer…AND…my friends like to buy me beer…wait…I think I’m getting a little off track…

I did manage to get quite a posse going last night! Old Webb friends, and even a childhood friend from my Sacred Heart days! Scott Hinds slaps bass like no other. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taping when he stood on his bass (swan lake style, that boy’s got panache!) and kept playing without missing a beat!

Then of course when it was my turn, my guitar strap gave out in the middle of a song, and there I was singing “New Disasters,” and it was a complete disaster!  Continue reading