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BITCH TRIFECTA is a Boston indie-rock band that started out as the solo project of Jane Park. Jane started out in the Boston rock scene as a violinist, playing for Alen of Dale, Water for Ivan, Ginger Ibex, and Raleigh Tavern. While playing for these bands, she started writing her own music and played opening spots at the All Asia, Gulu-Gulu Cafe, The Outpost, and the Lily Pad.

After Pat Chadwick of Raleigh Tavern decided to seek his fortune out West, Jane proposed she keep Eric and Rob in shape until his return. With a full rock band, Bitch Trifecta has headlined all over Cambridge and Somerville, and released a full-length, studio album The Wrong Thing.

THE WRONG THING is Bitch Trifecta’s first full-length album inspired by the haunting melodies of Damien Rice, the alt-country instrumentation of Wilco and Kathleen Edwards, and the self-eviscerating lyrics of Sarah McLachlan. The tracks vary from solo acoustic to lush arrangements with layers of vocal harmonies and string arrangements, courtesy of special guest appearances from the best of Boston rock: Luke Sullivan and Ryan Gildea from Left Hand Does, Shoney Lamar from Shoney Lamar and the Equal Rights, and Bryan Murphy from The Shills. The Wrong Thing was recorded in Hyde Park by Steven Friedman at Melville Park Studios with additional tracking and mixing by Luke Sullivan.

A short write-up in local Boston ‘zine DigBoston explaining why they recommend attending my show.

A review of Bitch Trifecta’s single “Careless” from the album The Wrong Thing by the CD on Songs column in local music blog Boston Band Crush:

CHECK THIS OUT! All members of Bitch Trifecta are in other bands or front their own band! We are very proud to support each other’s projects and to be active in the Boston Rock Scene.

Eric Landers, drums – Landform
Francisco Morales, bass – I Thought They Were Models?
Robin Melendez, backup vocals – Hit the Bus
Leilani Roser, guitar – Viva Gina, Hammer and Snake


Honorary Members:

Rob Johanson, bass – Animal Talk
Holland Dieringer, violin – Fly Upright Kite
Susannah Plaster, viola – The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
Nick Dinnerstein, cello – Concert Cellist
Kyle Fredrickson, guitar, banjo, slide – The Everyday Visuals, Oranjuly
Clara Kebabian, violin – freelance violinist, singer/songwriter
Tracy Putnam, bass – The Knockups


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