“Common Disaster” early song

I didn’t produce anything new today, or anything “postable.” I mostly practiced my violin music and thought about the lyrics I wrote yesterday…I know it’s not much. So I posted ths old song instead.

I wrote and recorded this song in 2006/2007. It’s one of the first songs I ever wrote. At the time I knew this talented producer Jeff Winning who was willing to record me for free! Sometimes we don’t know how lucky we are. My brother Hyoun played cello, and my friend Pete Kontos played guitar. Oh the memories! Also, my voice was very different back then! Hope you enjoy it!

“Common Disaster”

You make me nervous when you look at me like that
A common course disaster falling off the track
If I’m too much for you to know
Just go your own way, I’ll let it go

The truth in dreams I see it slipping out of sight
Just grasping straws it makes me tired I got no fight
Doesn’t take too much to pull me down
Just turn around you won’t want me around

You are too perfect and it scares me when I break
If happiness comes quickly then how long does it take
For you to see, you don’t need me
You only like me when I’m clear
I’m only like that half the year