“We Don’t Own It” by JAPW…con’t

we don't own it

So, I’m still working on “We Don’t Own It” by Joan As PoliceWoman. Today I tabbed it out and spent some time figuring out the fingering and playing. Again, if you’re interested in my progress, please check out my Instagram. The clip is pretty terrible, but for any of you who struggle with learning songs on the guitar, it might make you feel better.


transcription “We Don’t Own It” by Joan As Policewoman

I love this song, but when I first heard it, it was too hard for me to figure out. Even with this video! Luckily, I’ve actually gotten better at the guitar (mostly thanks to Earle Pughe), and now that I can read music (on the guitar), I may have a chance of learning this. This is only the beginning of the transcription, but even getting to this point takes me almost 2 hrs. That’s embarrasing to say, but I haven’t transcribed or arranged in at least 3 years. It’ll take me even more time to write it out with the correct form, add chords…maybe even tab? (shudder).


Song in 4/4
Intro: 1 + 4 + 4
Verse: 4 + 4 + (2/4) 1
Chorus: 5 + 5
Interlude: 4 + (2/4) 1
Verse: 4 + 4 + (2/4) 1
Chorus: 5 + 5
Out: 4 + 4 + 1